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The Pastor's Corner

September 13, 2015

The 23rd Psalm for the Workplace


This was a Pastor’s Corner several years ago.  However, since a lot of us are still working and sometimes feel weighed down from the stress of a job, which could be in the corporate field or a stay-at-home mom, it’s sometimes good to remember who is in charge and who we really report to. 


The Lord is my real boss, and I shall not want.
He gives me peace, when chaos is all around me.
He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring and complaining.

He reminds me that he is my source and not my job.
He restores my sanity every day and guides my decisions

that I might honor him in all that I do.

Even though I face absurd amounts of e-mails, system crashes, unrealistic deadlines, budget cutbacks, gossiping co-workers, discriminating supervisors and an aging body that doesn't cooperate every morning, I still will not stop - for He is with me!

His presence, His peace, and His power will see me through.

He raises me up, even when they fail to promote me.
He claims me as His own, even when the company threatens to let me go.
His Faithfulness and love is better than any bonus check.

His retirement plan beats the 401k.
And when it's all said and done,

I'll be working for Him a whole lot longer and for that,

I bless His Name. Amen!


Rev. Flint

Bible Study
Wednesday Night.
 Need an encouraging Word? Come study and fellowship each Wednesday night from 6:30 until 7:30 pm. You will enjoy the Word and the fellowship with us.

Setp. 19 Family Fun Day at 10am. Food, Rides, Games and fun for everyone. Hosted by the Usher's Ministry
Sept. 21-23 Tumbling Shoal Baptist Association Annual Session will be at the Tumbling Shoals Baptist Center, Laurens, SC. Hosted By Rev. Jim H. Pyles, Jr. and Flat Ruff Church.
Sept 26 Laurens County Ministers wife and widows, District Board Meeting 9am to 1pm. Hosted by Sis. Elma Madden.


 Five Minutes in the Word



Inspirational Reading 


The will of God will never take you,
Where the grace of God cannot keep you,
Where the arms of God cannot support you,
Where the riches of God cannot supply your needs,
Where the power of God cannot endow you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the Spirit of God cannot work through you,
Where the wisdom of God cannot teach you,
Where the army of God cannot protect you,
Where the hands of God cannot mold you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the love of God cannot enfold you,
Where the mercies of God cannot sustain you,
Where the peace of God cannot calm your fears,
Where the authority of God cannot overrule for you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears,
Where the Word of God cannot feed you,
Where the miracles of God cannot be done for you,
Where the omnipresence of God cannot find you.

Everything happens for a purpose. We may not
see the wisdom of it all now, but trust and believe
in the Lord that everything is for the best.

Author Unknown

No matter what problem there is in your life,

keep your eyes on the Lord

and not your present circumstances.

I heard a quote once that said

"Stop telling God how big your problem is,  

and start telling your problem how big your God is."

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