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Thank you for visiting Mt Zion Baptist Church website. Here you will find information about our church family, our ministries, worship services and the latest news on our church events.

We hope you learn more about us through our website and that you will plan to visit us in person very soon and give us the opportunity to get to know you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 864-862-2540

The Pastor's Corner
October 26, 2014 

Young Women Adults Day
Today we celebrate our Young Women Adults Day (YWA). The State Baptist Young Women’s Auxiliary Training Guide provides the reason for the YWA. It states:
“The YWA is an organization of young women engaged in mission study, personal evangelism, and mission action. The YWA works to involve young women in God’s redemptive work in todays’ world. The YWA is an organization whose purpose is to more full and effectively involve young women in the work of the church and of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
My heartfelt thanks to Sister Lakendra Kilgore and her team in leading this effort and bringing the Mt. Zion YWAs back together. We’re excited to have Minister Mona Cunningham bring forth God’s message again this Sunday. A big welcome to her and her family and friends.
Rev. Flint

It Ministry
The It ministry has been working to update the church sound system. There is now a equipment rack in the sound booth to keep
the equipment locked. For anyone needing access to the equipment please contact the sound ministry. The system is set up
to work as soon as it is turned on. Anyone wishing to join the Sound Ministry please contact Bro. Rose or the Music ministry

 Five Minutes in the Word

Inspirational Reading 



Tell the devil today, he is a liar!; He will not take your joy,
your peace or disturb your spirit.

Tell him he cannot sleep in your bed  
there's not enough cover.

Tell him he cannot sit in your chair  
you will not give him a cushion of comfort.

Tell him he can't touch your body 
 it's covered with the blood.

Tell him he cannot audit your finances
 you've changed accountants.

Tell him he cannot enter your home 
 the locks have been changed.

Tell him to leave your workplace 
 he's not on your list of things to do for today.

Tell him to take his hands off your children 
because you've had hands laid on them.

Tell him you have no time for his nonsense, criticism or fears 
you are on a mission, and you walk by faith.

Tell him no more tears, heartaches, or headaches 
because there's another, He, that restoreth your soul.

Tell him; Tell him; Tell him; Tell him.

Tell him, today, you have a gentle, powerful inner peace within that
consumes you and leaves no room for confusion.

Tell him, today you will - respond soothingly to a crying child, a
tense spouse, or an impatient friend.

Tell him, today, you will find no fault with a relative, friend, or

Tell him to leave your tongue alone - for today you will not talk of
anyone, before placing God at the beginning of your thought.

Tell him, wherever you are, that God Is.

Tell him, God said, "My people will abide in a peaceful
habitation...and in quiet resting places." [Isaiah 32:18]

Today, Tell him he is a liar!!!, Amen
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